Fadi J Khoury Dance


Fadi J Khoury Dance

dumbo dance festival october 7th & 8th, 2017.

Presenting MOVE, a contemporary trio., inspired by African rhythms and Arabic percussion. It features a unique interplay of styles to music by Said Mrad incorporating electronic beats with acoustic instruments.


October 7th & 8th 

congratulations to the artists, musicians, dancers, and production crew for making our 2017 season a huge success.

Thank you to our audience in New York City for being there for us, as always. Your love and support is the reason why we are able to produce our art. 

At FJK Dance, we believe in the unique fusion of culture and dance. The endless possibilities of experimenting with the fundamentals of various forms of dance, from classical ballet to ballroom, from Middle Eastern to jazz––we combine the essentials of each to create our own language. One that uses abstract body lines, forms and energy to communicate with our audience.  Read More →